Swedepeace experts derive from two different organizational clusters. First, the Swedepeace’s Core Team and the Associated Senior Experts, which possess highly specialized knowledge on peace and security and have substantial experience in the field of peace and security in Africa, Latin America and Asia. Second, Swedepeace has a number of partner organizations from which it is able to draw substantial expertise and with whom substantial collaborations are pursued on projects related to peace and security.


The Conflict Analysis Resource Centre (CERAC) is a private research organization, based in Bogotá Colombia, specialized in data-intensive studies of conflict and criminal violence. Based in Bogotá, Colombia, CERAC was established in December 2004 by an international and multidisciplinary group of researchers.


CDA Collaborative Learning Projects is a non-profit organization, based in Cambridge, Massachusetts (USA). We are committed to improving the effectiveness of international actors who provide humanitarian assistance, engage in peace practice, and are involved in supporting sustainable development.


capu_logoCooperation for Peace and Unity is an Afghan CSO working for the promotion of knowledge and awareness of peace, social justice, and human rights as the foundation upon which the future development of Afghanistan will be built. Through direct encouragement and participation in active peacebuilding, CPAU hopes to contribute to the creation of a viable alternative to war and violence, as the first step towards building a lasting peace.

rotary_peace_center-thumbThe Rotary Peace Center at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, Thailand, was established in 2004 to provide a three month, professional development certificate program twice annually to individuals currently working in related fields.  Sessions run from January-April and June-August each year. Swedepeace provides a faculty staff member that teaches on conflict analysis.



The International Security Sector Advisory Team(ISSAT) is a multi-donor initiative, developed at the Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of the Armed Forces (DCAF). The ISSAT brings together policy and operational security sector reform (SSR) expertise, from the developmental, security, defence and diplomatic domains, in order to provide the international community with comprehensive advice both on the technical and the process aspects of supporting SSR.



IEPADES is a Guatemalan CSO working in Central America on peacebuilding and democracy based on social justice. Peacebuilding, human security, security sector reform small arms, and reduction of armed violence are some of the areas of expertise of IEPADES.


msc provides analysis, develops methods and builds capacity within the areas of civil society, human rights based approach, government policy monitoring, peace building and human security, and results-based management. msc was founded in Sweden in 2005, and are currently based in the US.



Sthlm Policy Group offers support to public and private organisations in association with international peace, conflict management, democracy and development-oriented matters. The overarching goal of their business is to contribute to the endeavours of supporting peaceful conflict resolution, stability and sustainable development towards peace and democracy in conflict prone environments.


Swisspeace is a practice-oriented peace research institute in the area of conflict analysis and peacebuilding. They research the causes of wars and violent conflicts, develop tools for early recognition of tensions, and formulate conflict mitigation and peacebuilding strategies.


The Zimbabwe Peace and Security Programme (ZPSP) aims to contribute to effective and sustainable transformation of the security sector in order to enhance the democratic governance and security of Zimbabwe,informed by best practice and founded on the principle of national ownership.