Swedepeace is an independent,  impartial organisation, which in collaboration with a global network of partners, helps create conditions for human security, and peaceful and conflict resolution. Swedepeace aims at improving the effectiveness, efficiency, and impact of peace and security initiatives by helping bridge the gap between theory, policy and practice.


Swedepeace was founded in March 2008 and began its operations in January 2009 with the aim of helping create conditions for peaceful conflict resolution and human security. Over time, Swedepeace has functioned both as a non-profit foundation and as an incorporation, bit always with the same aim, values and impartial approach.


Swedepeace was established to strengthen and improve the effectiveness of Swedish and international peace and security initiatives in countries affected by armed violence or instability. The organisation aims at helping create conditions for international peace and security. Swedepeace acts impartially with respect for religion, political affiliation, nationality or ethnic origin. Furthermore, Swedepeace adheres to the principles of transparency, conflict sensitivity and gender equality. Swedepeace also applies a rights-based approach in accordance with the UN Universal Declaration on Human Rights.