Promoting Democratic Security


State Fragility and Insecurity

An emerging problem globally is that many states are fragile and cannot discharge even the most basic state functions. One such fundamental function is to ensure the security of citizens. Swedepeace and its network partners, with extensive field experience, including developing new approaches, can help you and your partners identify strategic options for increasing democratic and people centered security.


New Approached to Democratic Security – Options for Action

In past years, new areas of work have come to the fore, such as small arms and light weapons (SALW), disarmament, demobilization, and re-integration (DDR), security systems reforms (SSR), and armed violence reduction (AVR).




Security System Reform

The OECD DAC Handbook on Security System Reform (SSR), recently developed by the OECD Development Assistance Committee, articulates a strong framework for change at both the political and operational levels. Swedepeace and its network partners, having helped develop the OECD approach, can help assess or analyse a particular security and justice system to identify options for action. We can also facilitate capacity building and conduct monitoring and evaluation (integrating RBM).



Armed Violence Reduction

In relation to issues concerning citizens, democratic security, andfragile states, armed violence reduction (AVR) is emerging as an integrated area like that of conflict resolution. Both violent conflictand crime-related armed violence demand urgent attention. Many countries are not harvesting the benefits of peace but have instead become submerged in crime-related violence. AVR seeks to prevent and reduce armed violence by joining together the areas of security system reform (SSR), small arms and light weapons (SALW), disarmament, demobilization, and re-integration (DDR) of former combatants, as well as more traditional areas of development cooperation such as education and productive employment. Swedepeace and its network partners have been active in the emerging field of AVR and can help you analyse and propose options for action to agencies and organizations. We can then provide training, help monitor and evaluate, and supply corresponding support for results-based management.