Promoting Peace

Discover the Untapped Potential

Conflict prevention and resolution are not separate from international development cooperation but are integral to it. Swedepeace and its network partners can help you conduct focussed peace and conflict analysis and/or “do no harm” analysis to discover the untapped potential of other areas of development cooperation to promote peace and security.

Identify Options for Action

Our network consists of renowned international experts who can help you and your local partners identify options for action in traditional areas such as dialogue, reconciliation, and early warning. In addition, untapped potential for conflict prevention can be maximized by adjusting and crafting interventions in different ways in different fields, for example, in education, infrastructure, gender equality, youth, environment, and promotion of democratic governance.



Peace and Conflict Analysis

Peace and conflict analysis aims to map actors and structures, identify drivers of conflict and peace, and find options for different actors to help prevent and resolve conflict and behave in more conflict-sensitive ways.





Responding to Your Needs

Any worthwhile analysis gives the client concrete ideas for viable programming options. Collaborating closely with clients and their partners, Swedepeace uses a range of methodologies to respond to the specific needs of the particular conflict analysis.