Analysis of Options

There is a growing awareness of the need for reduction of armed violence in many post-conflict and/or fragile states, and Swedepeace can help you analyse and propose options for action to agencies and organizations. Swedepeace and its network partners can help you conduct focused peace and conflict analysis and/or “do no harm” analysis to discover the untapped potential of other areas of development cooperation to promote peace and security.


Peace and Conflict Analysis

Peace and conflict analysis aims to map actors and structures, identify drivers of conflict and peace, and find options for different actors to help prevent and resolve conflict and behave in more conflict-sensitive ways. Our network consists of renowned international experts who can help you and your local partners identify options for action in traditional areas such as dialogue, reconciliation, and early warning. In addition untapped potential for conflict prevention can be maximized by adjusting and crafting interventions in different ways and in different fields, some of which include: education, infrastructure, gender equality, youth, environment, and promotion of democratic governance.

Security Assessment

The OECD DAC Handbook on Security System Reform (SSR), which was recently developed by the OECD Development Assistance Committee, articulates a strong framework for change at both the political and operational levels. Swedepeace and its network partners, having helped develop the OECD approach and its practical application within International Security Sector Advisory Team (ISSAT), can assess or analyse a particular security and justice system to identify options for action.