Capacity Building

Swedepeace and its network partners have extensive capacity building experience. We can custom design workshops and seminars for your staff and/or partners on site in the countries where you are active. These capacity building initiatives are based on your needs as well as:

  1. Finding options for action that incorporate the results of risk, security, and conflict analysis and/or
  2. Getting your programmes up and running, to maximize peace and security results while ensuring conflict sensitivity.



“Do No Harm” Conflict Sensitive Development Cooperation

How can actors avoid “doing harm”, even worsening violent conflict, and instead strengthen the positive effect of their activities?

Through participatory and results-oriented workshops, Swedepeace can help you promote conflict-sensitive development cooperation and discover the untapped potential of your projects and programs to promote peace and security. For example, you could integrate minority rights into efforts to promote democracy, facilitate solutions to land rights disputes when involved in rural development, or support collaboration and reconciliation during post-conflict housing reconstruction. Your initiatives, ongoing or planned, are our starting point.

Interactive Peace and Conflict Analysis

How can we understand, help resolve, and prevent violent conflict and armed violence?

Development cooperation has evolved over the past twenty years to intervene more proactively in promoting peace and security, yet we still lack understanding of how to move from analysis to action. Swedepeace can help your agency or organization organize a peace and conflict analysis workshop where the strategic understanding of obstacles and opportunities, which provides a basis for identifying programming options for action.


Tailor-Made Capacity Building

  • Causes of armed conflict
  • Conflict prevention and early warning
  • Conflict resolution
  • Reduction of armed violence (AVR)
  • Security system reform (SSR)
  • Disarmament, demobilization, and re-integration (DDR)
  • Small arms and light weapons (SALW)
  • Other areas based on your needs